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The 3 Hippopoticorn Moon T-Shirt
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The 3 Hippopoticorn Moon T-Shirt

Price: $25.00
Manufacturer: Clack! Industries
Product ID: Hippopoticorn
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Why? Because we CAN! We're a t-shirt shop! If you thought yourself a key player on the galactic stage because you got a "3 Wolf Moon" shirt (we know, shameles rip off, we prefer "loving parody" morally & legally...buy their shirt too!) than imagine what cosmic level SUPER ROCK STAR YOU WILL INSTANTLY BECOME! From the BRILLIANT minds of the ever so talented Clackindustries art dept. we bring you POWER LIKE YOU'VE NEVER KNOWN!!! It's like Scott Bakula and 16,000 Chuck Norris ninja clones being hurled at you BY AN ANGRY GOD! Three Hippopoticorn MOON! (hear the echo... MOON... Moon... moon...) FULFILL YOUR DESTINY!!! feel the Love...

Lance Henriksen defies you not to buy 30,000 of em!

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